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Author : Date : 2013-4-8 14:09:56

Bike code tablehow to install andsethas been the broadridingfriends of thefaith,todaythison theinstallation andsetting method ofbike code table,teach youhow to installbike code table.Thatis relatively simple,hope that the majority offansto participate in the discussion.

The data lineis connected to asensor,the other endisthebasetable.Induction magnetandtwo rubber bands(largeused in fixedinductor,the trumpetis fixed on the base,we need them later),there are a fewrootlinewill not go into detail,directly to the installationstepstable.

1,firststep,base mountingtable.

Make sure youwant toinstallinplaceorTableII.Manufacturers areinstalledinthedefault,if youwant to installinplacedo not need to adjust the;if you want to installintheplace,need touse a screwdriverfrombaseto rotate 90 degreesand then install.

Baseon the back of abubblegum,tore off theyellowrubber surfacecan bepastedon the handlebars,and thenwith a rubber bandaround thehandlebar of aring,a clamping grooveon the baseof theboth sides,thecodebasefirmly fixedon the handlebars.

2,then install thesensor head.

Induction linearound thebrakeline windingdown,until youneed to install thesensorlocation,sensorcan be installedon the axleand brakein the middle position ofthe front bar.

Installation methodtoinstallbase issimilar,the sensorlocationselection,press with fingertight,and thenwith a rubber bandarounda circle oflargecarrod,rubberbuttonsin thecard slotin theinductor.

3,and then install theinduction magnet.

Induction magnetinstalled on asteel wiretyreonbanners,can justforpositionsensor.The softmagnet is sheathedon the wire,ironringinstallationpackagefrom bottom to topcardin the magnetgrooveis complete,angleadjust,makesteelspokethrough thesensorwhen thesensormagnet canis opposite,sothe inductioneffect was the best.

Thistableis installed,the perimeter of the wheelis the nextadjustmenttable,so thatthe read dataisaccurate.

Thetablewith thetilt angle of 45 degreeson the base,slightlypress,counterclockwise rotationcan be fixed.

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