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Heart Rate Monitor Watch

Heart Rate Monitor Watch Heart Rate Monitor Watch
Product name : Heart Rate Monitor Watch
Item : BKV-5002H
Details :

BKV-5002H Heart Rate Monitor

◆ Accurate wireless heart rate measurement.
◆ Display the percentage of real heart rate value to
maximum heart rate value based on different age
◆ Heat rate value, maximum HR (heat rate) value, average HR value
◆ Record the exercise time and the exercise calorie consumption
◆ Set maximum heart rate and low heart rate alarm
◆ Step counting, Speed, Distance, time, KCAL, Pace, Cadence
◆ Individual input of weight, height, waist & age
◆ BMR (Basal metabolism rate)
◆ WHTR (Waist to Height Ratio)
◆ ETA (estimated time arrival)
◆ Target set
◆ Clock, calendar,12H/24H
◆ Alarm
◆ Timer
◆ Chronograph, in 1/100 sec resolution,41 laps
◆ EL Backlight
◆ 5.3KHZ Transmitter belt
◆ 4 days memory record

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